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Поддержим всех!

Соседка по кондоминиумной ассоциации (имя изменено) приоткрывает окошко в удивительный американский мир.

Dear Neighbors,

The Million Man March (Chicago chapter) will be convening at 701 S State St. Friday, 6/19, to march to City Hall. This is a way to show solidarity of all races in Chicago, and should be fun.

If you want to join the march, go to Eventbrite and register. There’s no charge but you will get a “ticket” and be part of the head count for the march. Please join me in wearing face masks, and, of course, not attending if you feel sick or have a fever.

While I’m on the general subject of community-building - I am so very encouraged to see our S. State St. businesses reopening with such resilience and courage (имеется в виду - после погромов). Please, let’s support them with our dollars and friendship; and while we’re at it, let’s support our local (Beat 123) police, without whose courage and determination we would have no local business or personal safety. We can all support them by reporting crime when we see or experience it; refraining from hostile or criminal behavior ourselves; and attending beat meetings once they are back in session. (I hope it’s not necessary to add that the idea of “defunding” Chicago police is not in our community’s best interest; updating of regulations, communication techniques and other training is ongoing, and like everything else, that costs money.)

Finally, if you’re driving on Friday, be aware that parts of State St. will be closed for the Million Man March.

Jane Doe
(She, her, her)
Poet, editor, activist

Ой, это еще не всё. Апдейт.

Looks like this has been rerouted to Columbus drive (from s state st) - still time to register & show your support for civil rights! ALL Black Lives Matter! (That’s the revised chant to clarify that #BLM means women, LGBTQ, disabled & so on - as well as able bodied Black American men, who are disproportionately arrested/jailed/murdered.)
A rising tide lifts ALL boats.

Jane Doe

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