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Победа в ноябре обеспечена

U.S. President Donald Trump is curbing immigration visas for many categories of foreign workers for the rest of the year, citing the economic damage done by the coronavirus pandemic, including the job losses of American workers. The freeze applies to work visas that many technology and landscaping companies use, called H-1B, as well as J-1 visas for exchange students and L-1 visas for managers of multinational corporations.

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  • Доктор Леана Вен

    Помните тупую медицинскую блядь? Надо помнить. Dr. Leana Wen@WP -- Anyone who buys cigarettes will see the stark warning right on the packaging:…

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    WP -- Israeli Supreme Court rules ultra-Orthodox must serve in the military. Ну, Test of English as a Foreign Language, GRE, аспирантура.

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