birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Почти смешно

CNN -- With rising Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations sending many states backward in their reopening plans, one health expert warns that if the US continues on its current path it will reach "one of the most unstable times in the history of our country." "We will have hospitals overwhelmed and not only in terms of ICU beds and hospitals -- and that's bad -- but exhausted hospital staff and hospital staff that's getting ill themselves," Dr. Peter Hotez, the dean of tropical medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told CNN Friday night. "So, we won't have enough manpower, human power, to manage all of this."
Прямо-таки сенсационная информация для всех тех, кто за последние тридцать лет ни разу не пытался записаться на прием к врачу и ни разу не видел очередей в неотложке. И не читал их самодовольных рассказов про двадцатичасовые смены у интернов и медсестёр.

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