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Philg придумывает стратегии вокруг неоткрытия школ

philg -- If a teacher must send out one email on Monday morning, host a couple of chats on Tuesday and Thursday, and provide a bit of feedback on assignments emailed in on Friday afternoon, that leaves at least 40 hours in the middle of the week to… teach! Every public school teacher can offer to come into the homes of richer parents and provide some actual instruction at $100/hour in cash. As a practical matter, maybe this works for only 20 hours per week, but that should still be enough to at least double the spending power of a teacher receiving $70,000 per year (plus pension and benefits) from taxpayers.
Звучит, конечно, круто, но, если бы школьные учителя могли что-либо подобное проделывать, они бы не были школьными учителями.

Между тем, из Сан Франциско сообщают следующее:

"No one thinks internet schooling was a success last spring, and the news that the academic year is going to start up with virtual instruction has parents scrambling.
I’ve had a dozen people tell me they’ve been invited to join “learning pods,” also known as “pandemic pods,” where 10 or so families pool their money to hire a tutor or an off-the-books teacher to instruct their kids.
No such luck for lower-income and minority kids, many of whom who are already behind the educational curve.
These kids are being left pretty much to themselves to learn on the internet. That is, if they even have internet access.
There’s no parental help for many of these kids — their mothers and fathers often aren’t able to work at home, and some of them don’t speak English. The “lucky” ones have older siblings who might be able to help a bit as they try to keep up with their own education at a distance.
Mayor London Breed has announced a program to set up education hubs to help as many as 6,000 children with their distance-learning needs.
So far, the school district is not involved with the program, and that is a shame. These kids need more than babysitters. They need teachers.
If the district doesn’t have the funds to, say, hire college kids to help out, then maybe it’s time for tech firms and other wealthy companies to step up.
We are very good at talking and marching for equity. But this is a real equity issue that is affecting real people. We need to address it."

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