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Врачи и учителя без границ

Помните, я писал, что, мол, в седьмом классе будет школа два раза в неделю? Нет, не будет даже этого. Зря только время теряли, когда поступали.
Дуров в конце концов оказался прав, а я - нет.

As we have committed to you and our families, our decision to reopen schools would prioritize the health and wellness of our school communities and be driven by science and the guidance of our public health officials. As educators and dedicated education professionals, we all want students to be in school, but at this time, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) believes that current COVID-19 transmission trends would not allow us to reopen schools in a safe and responsible manner given the sheer number of people we serve every day. And rather than waiting until the end of August to make a decision on reopening schools, we wanted to afford our parents and families ample time to plan for the fall.
Janice K. Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Public Schools
LaTanya D. McDade, Chief Education Officer, Chicago Public Schools

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