birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Наша с вами история

Профессор конституционного права John O. McGinnis объясняет, почему бездействует чикагская полиция: (как по мне - слава богу, что бездействует, только новых расстрелянных негров не хватало).

Объяснение включает в себя такие наблюдения:
Pritzker’s main qualification for governor was that he had inherited a lot of money and thus could self-fund a campaign against the Republican incumbent, Bruce Rauner, who, in contrast, paid for his campaign with money that he had made himself. Though Pritzker was not chosen to be put in charge of his own family’s principal businesses, progressives liked him enough to run him for governor without any political experience in order to stop Rauner’s effort at reforming the state’s pension liabilities and regulatory overkill.

Странно! Я запомнил совершенно по-другому:

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