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- Доктор, объясните нашим читателям, в чём вина двадцатилетних? Что конкретно они делают неправильно?
- Они живут.

NBCChicago -- What exactly are those 20-somethings doing to see such high transmission of the coronavirus? Living, Ezike said. "They're living, they are gathering, you know, they're working, they're dining," she said. "Everything that they're doing is an opportunity for spread."

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  • O! Eщё перебежчики

    Пишут доктора (непонятно, медицинские, или физико-математических наук; разница, впрочем, невелика): Dr. Marc Siegel and Dr. Robert…

  • Наука поменялась

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The California Department of Public Health said Friday it is not exploring emergency rules to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the…

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