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Традиционно лакейский Scientific American внезапно возвысил голос в защиту Тегнелла, Иоаннидиса, датского трактата о бесполезности масок, и вообще всячески напоминает о необходимости открытой научной дискуссии.

The net effect of academic bullying and ad hominem attacks has been the creation and maintenance of “groupthink”—a problem that carries its own deadly consequences. There is little doubt that as the world faces second and third waves of COVID-19, public health measures such as the various forms of lockdown can both save lives and cause deaths. Now, with news of vaccines released by Moderna and by Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech, President-elect Biden’s COVID task force would do well to avoid making hurried assumptions about either vaccines or other public health measures, заключает издание. Кажется, крысы что-то подозревают.

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