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abc7chicago -- The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protections said they shut down two illegal parties with more than 50 guests early Sunday morning, both on the Near North Side. The first party was busted by BACP and the COVID-19 Task Force shortly after midnight at 409 West Huron Street. BACP said approximately 66 people were in a fourth floor commercial space which was charging a $100 cover, serving alcohol and had a DJ. The attendees were not social distancing and were not wearing masks. The establishment was cited for violating COVID-19 regulations and for unlicensed activity, and ordered closed for hazardous and dangerous conditions, BACP said. Shortly after that, investigators responded to another complaint at 107 West Hubbard Street where they found an illegal event at a residential apartment. Officials said 83 people were at the party, which charged an entrance fee and had a DJ, not wearing masks or social distancing.
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