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Закатал рукава и прочитал книгу Тевиса "Queen's Gambit". Наблюдения и выводы следующие. [Spoiler (click to open)]

1. Не из чего не следует, что она некрасива. Sarah Miller@New Yorker пишет ерунду.
The zoo was full of women, most of them in dark rebozos, with small dark-eyed children. What few men there were gave Beth significant looks, but she ignored them, and none of them tried to speak to her.

2. Таблетки в книге использованы реальные, называются Librium (это торговая марка, химическое название - хлордиазепоксид). Судя по erowid, вполне унылая вещь. Впрочем, в книге нигде и не утверждается, что они помогают видеть фигуры на потолке или вообще как-то лучше играть в шахматы. Она их принимает, чтобы лучше заснуть, или после того, как досадно проиграет -- более или менее как алкоголь.
“I don’t want a sedative,” Beth said. “Can you give me a prescription for Librium?”
The doctor stared at her for a moment and shrugged. “You don’t need a prescription to buy Librium in Mexico. I suggest meprobamate. There’s a farmacia in the hotel.”
On board Beth declined a drink from the stewardess. When she had gone back down the aisle, Beth opened her purse and took out one of her new bottles of green pills. She had spent three hours the day before, after signing the papers, going from farmacia to farmacia, buying the limit of one hundred pills in each.

3. Весь анти-антисоветский пасквиль последней серии полностью отсутствует. С ней едет совершенно безобидный старик, никакой не црушник: She had disliked Mr. Booth from the moment he met her at Kennedy and introduced himself. Assistant to the Undersecretary. Cultural Affairs. В Москве он ей, естественно, совершенно не мешает разговаривать с кем угодно и вообще появляется редко. Христиане и история с их деньгами есть, занимает сравнительно мало места и угрожающе не выглядит. Конечно, нет никакой идеи, что ей имело бы смысл остаться в СССР.

4. Сцены, не вошедшие в фильм:
Mr. Schell stood at the desk with his hands on his hips. He surveyed the class. “Have any of you young ladies seen this young lady in the ladies’?”
There were subdued giggles. No hands were raised, not even Jolene’s, although Beth had lied for her twice.
“And how many of you ladies were in the ladies’ before class?”
There were more giggles and three hands.
“And did any of you see Beth there? Washing her pretty little hands, perhaps?”
There was no response. Mr. Schell turned back to the board, where he had been listing the exports of Argentina, and added the word “silver.” For a moment Beth thought it was done with. But then he spoke, with his back to the class. “Five demerits,” he said.
With ten demerits you were whipped on the behind with a leather strap. Beth had felt that strap only in her imagination, but her imagination expanded for a moment with a vision of pain like fire on the soft parts of herself. She put a hand to her heart, feeling in the bottom of the breast pocket of her blouse for that morning’s pill.
“You will be in chapel thirty minutes early and will be responsible for setting up the chairs. If you are in any way remiss in this, Miss Lonsdale has been instructed to report to me. If you are seen whispering to another child in chapel or in any class, you will automatically be given ten demerits.” Mrs. Deardorff paused. “You understand the meaning of ten demerits, Elizabeth?”
Beth nodded.
“Answer me.”

Sometime in the middle of the night she was awakened. Someone was sitting on the edge of her bed. She stiffened.
“Take it easy,” Jolene whispered. “It’s only me.”
Beth said nothing, just lay there and waited.
“Thought you might like trying something fun,” Jolene said. She reached a hand under the sheet and laid it gently on Beth’s belly. Beth was on her back. The hand stayed there, and Beth’s body remained stiff.
“Don’t be uptight,” Jolene whispered. “I ain’t gonna hurt nothing.” She giggled softly. “I’m just horny. You know what it’s like to be horny?”
Beth did not know.
“Just relax. I’m just going to rub a little. It’ll feel good, if you let it.”
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