birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Английский композитор Рафаэль Кракс

Его композиция "The Epic Baroque Classical Music", использованная Навальным в известном фильме, прозвучала за последние дни более семидесяти миллионов раз. Я думаю, она должна стать гимном послепутинской России.

Epic, dramatic and energetic classical track, made in the style of baroque, featuring chamber strings, virtuoso solo violin and harpsichord. This track is perfect for all kinds of projects such as commercials, advertisements, adverts, and advertising campaigns, product promos, films and movies, documentary films, trailers, montages, tv commercials, various tv programs, dramas, presentations, etc. To make your editing easier and faster, multiple versions are available.

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