birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Ковидоскептицизм зашкаливает!

foxnews -- Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is warning the city’s teachers union Thursday that "enough is enough" and a deal must be struck immediately to reopen public schools during the coronavirus pandemic, as students suffering from "failing grades, depression [and] isolation... cannot afford to wait any longer." Lightfoot made the powerful declaration as tens of thousands of K-8 students in the nation’s third-largest school district lost what was supposed to be their first week back for in-person learning etc.etc.
Тётя, где же ты была год назад...

  • Эвакуируйте детей!

    Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline.— US Consumer Product Safety Commission (@USCPSC) May 12, 2021

  • Из мокума

    "Министр обороны Сергей Шойгу призвал не пускать на службу в армию людей, употреблявших наркотики." Тут-то мне карта и попёрла!

  • Ну-ка, кто неприятно удивлён?

    Oklahoma City school board denounces new law banning critical race theory as protecting 'White fragility'

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