birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Могут ли демократы и иже с ними? Быть? Идиотами?

Да каждый день! Brigham’s Ice Cream changed the name of its “Just Jimmies” flavor to “Just Sprinkles” sometime last year. “Jimmies” are what some New Englanders call the ice cream topping most Americans call “sprinkles.” The history of the term “jimmies” isn’t clear – several companies have claimed to have invented it and the topping – but some people now say that it’s a derogatory term related to Jim Crow, the racist caricature that came to stand for discriminatory laws and segregation put into place following the Civil War. Вот если бы спросили, могут ли они научиться делать съедобное мороженое - да, это был бы вопрос. #am_food
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