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Кажется, экономисты что-то подозревают -- Bruce Sacerdote, an economics professor at Dartmouth College, noticed something last year about the Covid-19 television coverage that he was watching on CNN and PBS. It almost always seemed negative, regardless of what was he seeing in the data or hearing from scientists he knew. When Covid cases were rising in the U.S., the news coverage emphasized the increase. When cases were falling, the coverage instead focused on those places where cases were rising. And when vaccine research began showing positive results, the coverage downplayed it, as far as Sacerdote could tell. But he was not sure whether his perception was correct...

  • Опять идут

    Неужели где-то остались неразграбленные магазины?

  • Внезапно

    Tucker Carlson: The mayor of Chicago is demented, she needs help Почему именно она и именно сейчас? По-моему, абсолютно ничем не выделяется.

  • Карантин работает

    Another shooting in Downtown #Chicago. This one fatal in broad daylight at Wells & Harrison. Person was sitting in car when gunman…

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