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Новое опасное заболевание -- People who obsessively worry about their health have often been dismissed as hypochondriacs. But for some, coronavirus has fuelled a rise in a debilitating mental health condition known as health anxiety. As Andrew Kersley explores, it can lead to job losses and even suicidal thoughts. While we all sometimes worry about our health, or google symptoms, health anxiety is recognised in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) - known as the bible of psychiatry - as a condition in which obsessive fears about health become excessive.
Symptoms like shortness of breath can be symptomatic of both anxiety and Covid, and the two can create a vicious cycle. The more anxious you become the more "evidence" you have that you are sick. Надеюсь, это очень заразно.
Tags: adhd, rogd, sct

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