birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Veronica Swift - The Sports Page

Песня - огонь, сегодня слышал по радио. Только что вышла.

Текст так хорош, что отвлекает от музыки:

My favorite TV anchorman said watch the Middle East, the price of oil is really out of sight
And only yesterday he said the price would never be increased
And that's the opposite of what he said last night
It gets so tough to understand this stuff, I don't really want to bother anymore
But by the time I understand the news that I read today
I forget the news I read the day before

But then I turn to the sports page
And I see the Lakers didn't make it
Now there's no way that they could fake it
You can't say you win if you lose
Cause there it was on the sports page
There's no way to deny it
You win you lose or you tie it
You can't cover it up in the news

Businessmen and congressmen and other shifty guys
They all got stuff they're always trying to pull
And this scratchy stuff I feel that's being pulled down around my eyes
I'm beginning to identify as wool
There's an exposé above the CIA in the radio, the TV and the press
And after all the different versions of what I'm supposed to know
I wind up understanding even less

But then I turn to the sports page, and Aaron Judge made an error
Now how could they report it any fairer, the sun must've got in his eyes
Cause there it was on the sports page
Just the simple facts I'm finding
Not another axe somebody's grinding
You can't change the score by telling lies
Lies, lies, ooh

Now back a couple seasons when the Mets were riding high
Astronauts were walking on the moon
I watched it on the TV and I looked up into the sky
And then I started laughing like a loon
It could all be fake like a movie they could make
And we'd all believe they're really up in space
And the Russians would be busy making phony movies too
And we'd never know who really won the race

But then I turn to the sports page
And the Mets had blown it in the 13th inning
They can't make losing look like winning
I think the Phillies took it 5-4
Cause there it was on the sports page
The only page that takes a firm position
Kind of like an honest politician, the kind you don't find anymore
In fact the sports page is the only place to go when a fella wants to know the score

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