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Like! -- First of all, there’s the question of whether Autopilot is saving lives today. Tesla puts out a quarterly “safety report” that shows fewer accidents occur (relatively speaking) with Tesla drivers versus non-Tesla drivers, and there are even fewer still when Autopilot is engaged. Below is a graph putting the Tesla-provided stats into a visualization.

There are several problems with the stats that make them essentially useless, though, as Jason Torchinsky pointed out in his debate with Warren Redlich. First of all, certain classes of cars (like the more expensive classes Tesla plays in) have far fewer accidents per mile than cheaper cars. The same goes for younger cars versus older cars, and most Tesla vehicles are extremely young.

On the plus side, though, the Tesla cars with Autopilot engaged were much less likely to get into accidents than the Tesla cars without it engaged. However, that basically doesn’t tell us much either, because Autopilot works on better roads and is used more on simpler, better drives. Also, if the driver or Autopilot finds that something is making autonomous driving too difficult, that doesn’t mean you don’t drive the route — it just means you have to drive yourself in the more dangerous conditions.
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