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Сегодня мы знакомимся со словом unorthodox. Пример использования: Argentina is limiting shipments of beef, a staple in the world’s fifth-biggest exporter, the latest unorthodox move by the government to try to contain runaway inflation that’s approaching 50% annually.
нестандартный, в хоккее есть у вратарей "нестандартный стиль"
это, наверное, когда завязывают себе глаза или стоят спиной к полю
Hašek had an unorthodox goaltending style. He was extraordinarily flexible and was jokingly described in a MasterCard commercial as having "a Slinky for a spine". In order to cover the bottom of the net, where most goals are scored, Hašek dropped down on almost every shot. His "flopping" style was derived from him flailing in the crease, using every part of his body, including his head, to stop the puck. Hašek occasionally dropped his stick and covered the puck with his stick hand, whereas most goaltenders would use the glove hand instead. In response to the speculation he received from his style, Hašek explained: They say I am unorthodox, I flop around the ice like some kind of fish. I say, who cares as long as I stop the puck?