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Героизм -- Corporal Jurgen Conings, 46, deserted from his barracks on Monday armed with four rocket launchers, a machine gun and a pistol after threatening Marc Van Ranst, the medic who led Belgian's response to the coronavirus crisis. Conings left several notes, writing in one to his family that he 'could no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything away from us.'
His girlfriend Gwendy, 46, has told local media that all she wants is 'her tough, sweet teddy bear' back, describing Conings as a 'loving father' to his two children and her daughter.
Conings - who served in Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan - has been dubbed 'Rambo' and warned that he 'would join the resistance and would not surrender' in a final message.

Когда-нибудь ему поставят памятник.

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