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In an easy-to-understand way for the public -- Walensky had never worked in government before January. She joined the Biden administration after spending more than two decades treating and researching infectious diseases, most recently as chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she earned high praise for her research and leadership skills. Her strategy has relied in part on her ability to control what information flows out of the CDC to the press. Getting it right requires synthesizing complex virology and public health and behavioral science findings about Covid-19 in an easy-to-understand way for the public, while ensuring that the White House is on board with the CDC’s conclusions.

Ну давайте, начинайте: как Валeнская связана с Фаучи? Работали ли они когда-нибудь вместе? Какую позицию она занимала в дискуссии о gain of function research? Как она связана с WIV? А если найдём?

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