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Под катом - письмо из клуба, объясняющее, что на следующий концерт теперь пускают только полностью вакцинированных или с отрицательным тестом, тех и других в масках. Учитывая вопиющий характер ситуации, предлагают вернуть деньги за билеты. [читать письмо]Dear Boris,

We're excited to see you for Ghost-Note w/ special guest Sungazer at City Winery Chicago on 9/15/21, 7:00 PM!

Your Safety is our #1 Priority

In light of recent developments surrounding COVID-19, City Winery remains steadfast in our mission to provide the safest possible environment for all staff members, guests, and artists.

At this stage in the pandemic with the delta variant on the rise, all City Winery guests (all members of your party), staff and artists are required to provide proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours. Masks are required for all guests in public areas (you're free to remove them at your table).

How Will This Work?
We will be trying to make it as easy, seamless, and friction-free as possible. You may present a physical or smartphone copy of your vaccine card or a negative covid test from a health care provider. Hopefully, this temporary system will facilitate the end of this pandemic and horrible bit of history for our world. It has been devastating for so many, including us in the live performance world. Accommodating this policy, leaving all politics out of it, will allow artists to earn a living again, our staff to be employed, and the arts to have a place in our society again. Your cooperation will help us to not go back to limited capacity or worse, that tragic state of closing our facilities again.

How Long Will This Policy Last?
We are hopeful that this temporary policy will not be needed in the future as things continue to improve. The admission policy will remain depending on local health official recommendations and on infection rates going forward.

Where Can I Get a Covid Test or Vaccination Prior to the Event?
To find a vaccination location near you, please visit
Your healthcare provider or any local area testing facility nearby such as Walgreens or CVS

Do Kids Need to have a Covid Test to attend with their parents?
Yes, children will need a negative COVID-19 test result to attend any indoor City Winery event. For patrons who are not fully vaccinated, a negative COVID-19 test result must be obtained within 72 hours.

I’m Immunocompromised and Unable to Get the Vaccine, Can I Still Attend?
Absolutely, while we encourage everyone to get vaccinated, if possible, we also understand that under certain circumstances, some will not be able and offer the option of a negative Covid test within 72 hours to attend.

I Bought a Ticket and Have Now Tested Positive for Covid, Can I Have a Refund?
Yes. Please send us a copy of your positive covid-19 test result, your order number and specific ticket details to

I No Longer Wish to Attend This Show Due to These Requirements, can I Have a Refund?
While all ticket sales are final and we normally do not offer refunds, we have loosened our policy to allow for an exception for those that wish to not attend the show with the new entrance requirements. Please email us at with your refund request within 7 days of this notice (refund requests received after August 10th will not be honored unless proof of positive covid test is provided).

We thank you for your cooperation and support to ensure City Winery is a leader in combating the further spread of COVID-19. Let's work together to create a space where all can continue to Indulge Our Senses

*Please note that government mandates and our venue protocols are subject to change, so be sure to continue to check back for the latest information. COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements may also vary by event, so it is important for you to continue to check your specific event page to confirm details of your specific event

Допустим, вы полностью вакцинированы. Как поступить? С одной стороны, если не ходить и не покупать билетов, то никаких концертов вообще не будет. С другой стороны, если покупать билеты на такие концерты, то только такие и будут всегда.

Что делать?

Идти в маске
Потребовать деньги назад
Не идти, денег назад не требовать, но впредь билетов не покупать

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