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У этих всё как обычно

The total amount stolen from these networks together is approximately $611 million.

Incredibly, hackers appear to have listened. Around $2m has been returned so far.

SlowMist, a blockchain security firm, said it had managed to identify "the attacker’s mailbox, IP, and device fingerprints through on-chain and off-chain tracking, and is tracking possible identity clues related to the Poly Network attacker".
"I think this demonstrates that even if you can steal cryptoassets, laundering them and cashing out is extremely difficult, due to the transparency of the blockchain and the use of blockchain analytics," Dr Tom Robinson, co-founder & chief scientist at Elliptic, a company that specialises in blockchain analytics, told Yahoo Finance UK.
"In this case, the hacker concluded that the safest option was just to return the stolen assets. So I think that this will actually improve confidence in decentralized finance."

Вроде нет: если эти "деньги" не анонимные, они не нужны; а если анонимные - их слишком легко украсть.