birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Это слишком смешно

Ученые нашли способ спасти репутацию фуфловакцины: надо говорить не "бустер", а "третья доза". Тогда окажется, что первые две дозы тоже сработали. Стратегия! -- [Plotkin] suggested the word booster carries a connotation that is not helpful as the country struggles to increase Covid vaccine acceptance: “My point, basically, was that calling them boosters implies that the first doses were failures.” “Calling the third dose a booster is immunologically incorrect and also gives the wrong impression that somehow the vaccines failed when they could not really have been expected to give a long-lasting immunity from the first doses,” Plotkin said.

Слыхали, неучи? Could not really have been expected. О как.

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